Monday, October 31, 2011

The 101rst

Hello once again readers,

Today, I wanted to blog about my local gaming group, and what i will be slowly doing over the next couple of weeks/months as a side project.

The 101st historical gaming division operates from the Titusville campus of Brevard Community College in Brevard County, Florida. This semester, we began by making Flames of War, a game by Battlefront, and one of our core or "staple" games.

Of course, we left the rest of the thousand myriad game systems out there available to be played, provided the membership wishes it so. Basically this allows any game to be played during our Thursday meetings, but if it is not a core game we can't vouch for you past closing of the campus and such.

At our biweekly/monthly Monday meetings, where official club business is discussed, members are welcome to speak about games they like and if they wish to make them a staple game. They must present a logical reason to making the game a core system for the club, and then the suggestion is put to a vote of the membership. This all sounds terribly drab and boring, but in effect, we are college students. We have fun with it.

As Secretary, it is my job to write down these official proceedings. From now on I will also endeavor to take pictures and post our goings on as "field reports from the 101st" on this blog. Consider it a "segment" like on a TV show.

Anywho, due to my suggestion, we have taken up Dark heresy, the 40k role playing game as one of our staples. I happen to own a copy of the core rule book, so setup was easier. However, we are still all learning the system, and developing our characters.

Despite this, the sessions we have had have been engaging, fun, and humor-filled. there have been close calls, bludgeonings by half-naked thugs, and many cries of "FOR THE EMPRAH!"

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will post about what happened during our adventures that week, and a short summary about 1 of the characters in our party.

Over the next couple of months, I will be making several variations on my personal characters model for use during combat "encounters" as well as provide background in the form of journal scribblings and other assorted fluff.

Till then though, I must bid you Adieu.

As a parting shot, please spread word about this blog to all the gamers in your community. The efforts I undertake are all meant to garner some sort of feedback, whether good or bad.

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